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We provide outsourced IT help desk and customer success support centre for organizations of all sizes and sectors


We Are Increasing Customer Satisfaction with High Quality Service

We are a simple easy to engage with contact centre partner for your customer success, warranty support, IT help desk and service desk requirements. We provide onsite support, remote desk, on-call and 24x7 live services support.

Service Uptime

Cyber Security

Delivery Excellence

Artificial Intelligence


We Are Offering All Kinds of IT Support Services

Our model is to be the trusted partner for our customers, maintain high quality services entrusted to us, meet and exceed customer satisfaction contributing to overall customer success

We operate as a single point of contact for the users and customers managing incidents, service requests and customer communications. We help our clients to co-create designs and processes for IT service management and provide end-end delivery of IT services. We cover all aspects of work place technology, end user computing, on-prem storage, cloud, business-critical software applications aligned to ITIL framework. We cover a wide range of service desk offering catering to IT help desk, service management, IT application upgrades, cloud migration and maintenance, warranty support, account payable/receivable, fleet management, timetabling & scheduling, refunds, returns and other tailored requirements.

Our Strategy

We work with our customer each step of the way to device right solutions

We follow a methodical step by step approach to registering a new requirement whether it is an adhoc request or from the roadmap and keep it transparent to our customer at all times.




Route cause analysis


Collaborate with SMEs for Solutioning



Purchase Options

We offer flexible engagement options for tactical on-demand for new customers and strategic longer term solutions and services

Innovative approaches to engagement, commercial models and service delivery



Customers can contact us to avail on-demand services through a registration and telling us your problem. Our team will assess the initial details, provide you with rough timeline and attempt to resolve. Where required the team will engage other Subject Matter Experts for niche and domain specific problems. We will make every effort to inform you earlier in the process if certain skill set is unavailable with us and help you direct to other trusted partners where possible. This is a pay as you go option.



Customers can sign up an annuity contract or pay monthly option with us and contract out a set of defined services. We will sit down with you to draw up the requirement baseline the performance levels and provide you with the right capability, structure and pricing. We can cover employee help desk, customer facing service desk, Level1-3, warranty, account payable, account receivables, customer satisfaction surveys and other aspects of customer service.



We provide selective digital advisory services for transformative programs with our capabilities based in the UK, EU and APAC locations. Together with our delivery and solution partners we have excellent experience working across industry verticals in the UK and internationally across North America, EMEA and APAC regions.


Cyber Security audits

End-to-End Security Services - Penetration Testing Solutions


IT baselining

Our SME team has the experience to baseline your organisation’s IT and help design and implement a transformation roadmap


Vulnerability Assessments

We simulate real-world attacks to provide an assessment to vulnerabilities to your network



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